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Head of Department nominates

Every month heads of department nominate staff members who consistently deliver results and exemplify the Civil Service Values and Public Servants' Code of Conduct.

Chief Officer’s Choice

Next, Chief Officers review the list of nominees within their respective Ministry/Portfolio and choose the Chief Officer’s Choice recipients. There can be up to 16 recipients for the Chief Officer’s Choice award every month.

CIG Employee of the Month

The list of Chief Officer’s Choice recipients is then presented to and reviewed by the executive selection committee, which consists of the Deputy Governor and Chief Officers. The committee chooses the CIG Employee of the Month from the shortlisted candidates and/or Chief Officer’s Choice recipients.

Deputy Governor’s Award – CIG Employee of the Year

All CIG Employee of the Month recipients automatically become finalists for the Deputy Governor’s Award - CIG Employee of the Year. At the end of each year, the Deputy Governor selects one annual overall winner for the Deputy Governor's Award from the 12 Employees of the Month.